Medical Missions in Rwanda-March Trip

Come Away Missions – March Trip.
Ryan Carrick

March 3, 2019

Come Away Missions is set up for loving discipleship and education of His people that otherwise wouldn’t know the Gospel, have limited understanding of preventative health, and relationship building, among many other purposes. As an Occupational Therapist (OT), I enjoy helping others live life to the fullest. Increasing someone’s quality of life is subjective and culturally perspective, rests with someone’s possibility framework (Jean Baptiste, 2019). Jean helped me to grasp the concept of teaching someone to fish. Even with my teaching to be sensitive to what God is teaching me and from what eyes I’m teaching.

Medical missions with Come Away, is not what the average American imagines with interventions and superficial healing. We make a lasting impact with each endeavor building on successive teaching and guidance. Topics may range from sanitation to reproductive health, having a daily relationship with Christ to men and women focus groups. It’s refreshing to have question after question from eager learners and teachers alike. I am refreshed with each trip as God teaches me about myself, my life at home, His current purpose for my life, relationships, awareness of others and love. Thankfully He is gentle and doesn’t have to slap me in the back of the head or sweep my feet out from under me too often, but if He does, I know it is good. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and am not ashamed of His Truth. It is the purpose of Come Away Missions to communicate His Truth through love, service, teaching and healing.

As an OT, I might teach on work simplification, ergonomics or total body health with work/rest balance. I may lead focus groups on men’s health, educate on the differences of cultural traditions versus openness to the leading of the the Holy Spirit. Government requires proactive planning for direct physical interventions, and are possible, however Come Away desires to leave an impact that continues progress after the practitioner returns home. Consider how God may be prompting you? Ask Him, what ways would you have me serve that I have yet to be obedient?

I struggled with the benefit of me personally traveling to Africa versus redirecting the trip expense as a monetary gift to the same target people group. Jean Baptiste guided a better understanding of relationship building. I did have the privilege of manual labor for the medical clinic, and even learning agriculture and pig raising practices, however they know me now. I’ve walked beside wonderful men and women of Faith learning their wisdom. Instead of me sending 3k to them, they know who it’s coming from, why I am there, who God is to me, and still having the joy of giving once I’m face to face. Jean put it this way, “If the Americans come build our church for us, what happens when they leave and the wall breaks? We will ask, where are the Americans to rebuild this wall? The same is true of our other structures, practices and faith. If there is no direct discipleship, we do not learn, we are just given to.”

March 10, 2019

Should this be the right order when we have the Lord’s prompting in a certain direction? Often, we as Americans…and speaking for myself, often put faith at the end of the sequence. I was convicted of this self reliance many times through the past week. After all, this pride germ that continues within me is my ongoing testimony. I’m no longer a slave to my sin however that doesn’t mean a propensity towards sin won’t rally the troops when the flesh is weak. I continue to learn the value of consistent time with Him, both in His word and prayer.

Our team had fun with the children in Gahara and Myumbu villages, acting out Bible stories. We did Jonah and the whale a couple times. So many valuable lessons from that story. Valuable for adults as for children, this story tells about a man of pride that attempts to have his own way. A lack of surrender to the Lord and lack of abandonment to his own will gives opportunity for the plot of exponential damage due to disobedience. Thankfully for Jonah and myself, God is sovereign! He reigns! I may try with my might to go in one direction, whale or not, He gently spits me out where I need to be. If Faith comes first, confidence rests on Him and not me. My passion for His will to be done and not mine is committed to His cause. I can then, best be used for His glory to build His Kingdom on the rock. My soil, gratefully, He deems good for the seed though it’s often quite sandy. Metaphors aside, I can choose my way or His. I can ask Him for wisdom then be still. Or,…I can keep telling Him my plans.

Ryan Carrick

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